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ITALIANO HOME CONTACTS WHERE WE WORK NEW MACHINERY USED MACHINERY INFO PARTNERS CENTROMACCHINE SRL Piazza Caduti, 24 - 25080 Padenghe (BS) Italy - P.iva 02428230987 EARTH MOVING MACHINERY HOME Cell. +39 335.462781 Sales Manager: Andrea Baccolo EARTH MOVING MACHINERY SALE RENTAL SUPPORT CENTROMACCHINE S.R.L. IS BASED ON 4 ELEMENTS: 1° QUALITY 'OF PROCESSED PRODUCTS 2° COMPETITIVE PRICE 3° MEET THE NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS 4° COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS CONCERNING THE SAFETY CENTROMACCHINE s.r.l. is a young and dynamic company specializing in the sale of machinery for earth moving, aerial work and small construction and gardening equipment for professional use which was formed in 2003 to capitalize on the experience of more than twenty Andrea Baccolo. The vision is aimed to offer its customers, machinery and equipment, new and used, domestic and foreign, with the best price / quality, ensuring compliance with the standards for security personnel and equipment. This means that our customers honor us with great confidence and put us in a position to make us proud of our commitment.